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September 13, 2009: “College of the Canyons students are big losers with the loss of a student voice through the college newspaper.”

Reading the Newspaper

That’s the voice of Rich Cameron, chair of the Mass Communications Department at Cerritos College in Norwalk. Cameron teaches a variety of journalism courses at Cerritos College and advises the school newspaper, the Talon Marks.

He is also President of the California Journalism Education Coalition as well as Communications Director/Secretary for the Journalism Association of Community Colleges, a non-profit educational corporation run by an elected board of directors who represent students and faculty from around the state of California.

Cameron signed the online petition to save the College of the Canyons Journalism Department and the student newspaper, the Canyon Call, from extinction.

Here’s the rest of Cameron’s petition post: “Administrators need to do more than count beans during tight budget times and realize that the existence of small programs that serve the wider campus are part of what makes a college a community and not just a student factory.”

With the recent elimination of the 40-year-old Canyon Call and the journalism classes that support it, students have lost their best opportunity at a First Amendment voice on campus. Please take the time to sign our petition to bring back the campus newspaper.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 21

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