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September 14, 2009: A Student Voice

The Canyon Call

College of the Canyons student journalist Lynette Liberda signed the online petition to save the Canyon Call.

Liberda sized up the shuttering of the school newspaper this way:

“Journalism is not only important for students who are majoring in journalism, it is important for all of the students at COC! If I had not participated in the Canyon Call, I would have never attended any school functions and realized what a great school we have. Being able to share that information through the photos I took and stories I wrote was truly fulfilling. We need our voice back, please give it to us.”

For journalism students who once worked at the Canyon Call, the process was less about getting a byline or photo credit and more about learning and embracing the importance of working as a team, building relationships, hitting deadlines and practicing proper ethics.
Those are qualities that serve students once they leave the safety and security of college life for the real world.

College of the Canyons needs its school paper back. Please sign our online petition and give us your view.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 22

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