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History and Mission Statement

A few weeks before the start of the 2009 fall semester, College of the Canyons administration all but wiped out the school’s journalism program. In doing so, it pulled the plug on the Canyon Call, the school’s 40-year-old, award-winning student newspaper.

It began in early summer, when the longtime Journalism Department Chair accepted a buyout and retired. After that, administration eliminated from the class schedule the five core journalism courses that supported the Canyon Call. Administration characterized the decision as necessary due to low enrollment, this despite a record increase in overall enrollment at the college’s Valencia and Canyon Country campuses this fall.

Now the rudderless Journalism Department, with just two classes in session this semester (J-100 Media and Society and J-105 Beginning News Writing), no longer has the academic resources to produce a school newspaper. And that has silenced the No. 1 opportunity students have to express a First Amendment voice on campus.

This web site is sponsored by a coalition of concerned students, educators, journalists and private citizens who are mounting an effort to save the Journalism Department and the venerable Canyon Call. We believe that school administration, comprised of individuals whose salaries are paid by your tax dollars, made decisions that were not in the best interest of the college, its students or the local community.

We acknowledge the chokehold the economy has around our community college system. Our goal is to present to school administration a forward-thinking curriculum proposal that is simple and cost-effective to implement, meets the challenges of the times and realistically prepares students for a career in journalism. This would include print and online editions of the Canyon Call.

We intend to present our proposal to COC administration prior to the close of the 2009 fall semester, hopefully before administration has the opportunity to dismantle the new classroom facilities and infrastructure once used to produce the Canyon Call.