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November 11, 2009: Student-produced news broadcasts are alive and well in COC’s Media Entertainment Arts Dept.


College of the Canyons students who take broadcast courses through the school’s Media Entertainment Arts Department regularly write and produce news broadcasts that are available for viewing on SCVTV.com.

SCVTV is the City of Santa Clarita’s PEG (public, education, government) channel. The station’s programming can be seen on Time Warner Cable Channel 20, AT&T U-Verse 99/Santa Clarita and at SCVTV.com.

The channel is operated by SCVTV™, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that provides television, webcasting, podcasting and new media services to local public, nonprofit and individual video content producers. SCVTV has served the Santa Clarita Valley since 1995.

The student news broadcasts are professionally produced and informative. While this web site hopes MEA will someday incorporate a printed newspaper like the Canyon Call into its curriculum, is it encouraging to see that MEA’s broadcast efforts are paying dividends.

Click here to go to MEA’s Cougar News Archive on SCVTV.com.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 80

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1 Linda Robredo { 11.11.09 at 7:54 pm }

Glad to find Cougar News is broadcasting again. I found the past month impossible to locate this broadcast and could only guess that it was also splintered in the struggle to reform the journalism department with media and the others.

And, thanks for the mention of hope that a print edition might be in the future at COC again. Not that I’m such a super news writer but I’m finding a ton of stories on campus that have little outlet to hone the skills of journalistic writing. A newspaper both on-line and print format provides this educational platform for written journalistic experience. With real practice good writers can become better and that leads to jobs.