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November 6, 2009: The student-run newspaper of Humboldt State University picks up the story

The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack, the school paper of Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif., recently ran a story about the shuttering of the Canyon Call at College of the Canyons.

Lumberjack staff writer Molly Lovelady’s informative piece, entitled Student Newspaper Fights Budget Cuts to Publish Paper Edition, outlines the plight of current and former Canyon Call staffers affected by the loss of the college’s 40-year-old institution of First Amendment free speech.

According to the story, former Canyon Call staff writer Matt Ehresman felt that COC administrators were frequently bothered by the student-run publication’s presence on campus.

“They would be upset on commentaries,” Ehresman said. “We did get the administration and security mad about things we uncovered.”

Ehresman went on to say that on one occasion, the college’s head of security outright refused to speak with a student journalist because that student worked for the Canyon Call.

The story also contains some eyebrow-raising quotes from school administrators.

Joan W. MacGregor, who was re-elected to the Santa Clarita Community College District Board of Trustees on Nov. 3, was quoted as saying, “Younger people do not support print.”

Assistant Superintendent and Vice President of Instruction Mitjl Capet reportedly told Lovelady, “This is a transition and not a cancellation. Our job is to prepare people for the real world, and not what was.”

The Canyon Call is now what once was — a former mainstay of the college, cancelled because of what school administrators characterized as budget cuts and low enrollment.

Click here to go to the full story in The Lumberjack.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 75