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November 4, 2009: An opposing view — a representative from Cougar News weighs in


This web site received an email from Jason Galvin, who expressed what he characterized as a rebuttal to information posted here over the past couple of months.

Here is Mr. Galvin’s correspondence, printed unedited and in its entirety:

“This is not a support, rather than a rebuttal…Cougar News is a legitimate source for news and information. We would not ever allow the Administration at COC to dictate what we do and do not put on the air. To insinuate that we do not work to meet deadlines, form relationships, and work as a team is ridiculous. Further more, how many Canyon Call people have been given full press credentials to Dodger Stadium, or interviewed Buck McKeon? We have a full group of students who bust their you-know-whats all week long to put on a legitimate show. Further more, we are completely open to any and all submissions for our website, regardless of what class you are in or are not in. Your so called group is a joke, and you are a bunch of hypocrites. To call for one board member over another because it might help get the canyon call back is, what I call, electioneering. Further more, why don’t you guys put names on this website? We put all of our names on everything we do. I’m even telling you who I am, and how to get in contact with me. You can have the canyon call, just don’t attack the students of Cougar News.”

The coalition to save the Canyon Call would like to respond to Mr. Galvin accordingly:

This web site has never expressed a view that was critical of the quality of the broadcast program in COC’s Media Entertainment Arts Department. To say that we have is simply inaccurate. In fact, we’ve acknowledged that broadcast is what MEA does best, and our desire has always been that the Canyon Call be restored and a stronger emphasis placed on print journalism than what we’ve seen of MEA’s broadcast-heavy curriculum so far. We believe that combining print and online versions of a student newspaper is an effective way to educate journalism students.

While Cougar News may be a “legitimate source for news and information,” as you’ve stated, it still has no online Opinion section to serve as a gathering place for opposing views. This was a staple of the Canyon Call, and its absence this semester is a disservice to all students of College of the Canyons. MEA Department Chair David Brill previously stated that he intends to add an Opinion section to Cougar News at the beginning of the spring 2010 semester, and we believe he will follow through with that.

We believe you would not allow the administration at COC to dictate what you do and do not put on the air. Whether the college’s administration shares that view remains to be seen. Remember, these are the same people who pulled the plug on the Canyon Call.

You stated this web site insinuated that MEA broadcast students do not “work to meet deadlines, form relationships and work as a team.” We certainly don’t believe that’s the case, and if your perception is that we’ve communicated it through our posts, then we sincerely apologize. That certainly was not our intent.

We’re not sure how relevant it is that Canyon Call staffers did or did not receive press credentials to Dodger Stadium. But we believe it’s a fact that the Canyon Call covered more Cougar sports events than any other publication, including Cougar News and The Signal. The Buck McKeon interview?  Kudos to Cougar News on that scoop.

You accused us of being hypocritical, stating that our calling for “one board member over another” for the purpose of reinstating the Canyon Call is electioneering.

You bet it is.

The dictionary definition of electioneering is: “to work for the success of a particular candidate, party, ticket, etc., in an election.” The sole purpose of this web site is to bring back the Canyon Call. The paper gave all students the chance to express a First Amendment voice on campus, and it intangibly connected the student body and gave those who attended the college a sense of community. Using this web site to endorse a candidate who favors bringing back the newspaper is the American political system in action. We’re guessing that’s probably covered in more than one classroom at the college.

You were critical of the fact that savethecanyoncall.com does not list the people who are behind it. This coalition is comprised of hundreds of students, educators, journalists and private citizens who believe that the decision by COC administrators to shutter the Canyon Call was ill advised, shortsighted and not in the best interest of the college, its students or the local community. To list the individuals who comprise the coalition would be pointless. Our strength is in our unity and the firmness of our resolve.

Finally, you observed that our “so-called group is a joke.” The last time we checked, we were fighting for the same First Amendment voice on campus that you are right now. If that’s a joke to you, Jason, then the joke’s on both of us.

If you are as “fully open to any and all submissions” to your web site as you say you are, then please print this one. To do so, however, you may need to establish the Cougar News Opinion section a little sooner than planned.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 73