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October 12, 2009: At College of the Canyons, it’s not easy expressing an opinion these days

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Cougar News, the online publication tasked with picking up where the defunct Canyon Call left off, currently has no Opinion section. That means the 25,000 students who attend College of the Canyons have no opportunity to express the type of First Amendment voice that was a cornerstone of the Canyon Call for 40 years.

Cougars News, still in its infancy, does have three multimedia news stories posted to it:

Media Entertainment Arts Department Chair David Brill, in a Sept. 25 meeting with a representative from the coalition to save the Canyon Call, said he has plans to transform Cougars News into a more comprehensive news site, a process likely to be completed during the upcoming winter break. Brill said this would include an Opinion section.

“I believe that you have to have a responsible Opinion section, and that’s our goal,” Brill said. “It’s a valuable part of the education process, questioning ideas, decisions, questioning things that are happening politically. I’m not afraid of students actually expressing their opinion, but to do so with responsibility and respect.”

Linda Robredo expressed her opinion about Cougar News when she signed the online petition to save the Canyon Call. Robredo aired it out this way: “Posting to the Cougar News is a total joke, as they are non-responsive. There is no voice at this time. Returning the Canyon Call in print version during the transition till the ‘New Media Journalism’ department is fully established would bridge this unfortunate gap. Gap = a canyon were the COC journalism students have been pushed without notice, without voice, without reason.”

This web site believes that going a full semester without a proper outlet for students to express their views in a public forum is not in the best interest of the college, its students or the community. Savethecanyoncall.com intends to monitor the progress that the Media Entertainment Arts Department makes in bringing a vitally important Opinion section to Cougar News.

Click here to sign the online petition to save the Canyon Call.

Click here to go to Cougar News.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 50