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September 30, 2009: “When you take away a school newspaper, you take away the voice of the student. One of the main reasons this is a free country is freedom of the press.”

Taking it to the streets to save the Canyon Call

That’s the voice of Joshua Adam Sanchez, who signed the online petition to save the Canyon Call, the student newspaper of College of the Canyons.

Over the summer, school administrators eliminated the newspaper due to what they characterized as budget cuts. As a result, the 25,000 students who attend COC no longer have a legitimate opportunity for a First Amendment voice on campus.

Other concerned citizens weighed in via the online petition:

Eric Scott wrote: “Please reconsider closing this department. The Canyon Call is a very important creative outlet for many students.”

Sheryl Gross wrote: “My daughter is a local high school student who wants to study journalism in college. This will probably make or break her decision to start at COC.”

Jeanne Geidel-Neal wrote: “Yes, bring back the Canyon Call! It has not been a paper for the masses, but for the students and locals who are interested in what is happening in our neighborhood college. Fine, have online access, but put the paper in front of people on campus. It was a great paper and I support wholeheartedly getting back in physical form for the students and alumni.”

Christina Schaefer wrote: “Like my journalism teacher said, budget cuts should not be an excuse to silence the student voice.”

Please take a few moments to sign the online petition to save the Canyon Call. And while you’re at it, voice your opinion to one of the school administrators listed on the left-hand side of this web site.

Number of days COC has been without a school newspaper: 38